Our Company
Decker Publishing Inc is a growth company serving the informational needs of health care professionals and students. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Our major divisions include:

Decker Publishing Inc Publisher
Our book publishing and marketing division

Decker Periodicals
Our journal and newsletter division

Decker Electronic Publishing, Inc.
Our electronic media and information services division

Our Mission
Our mission is to serve the informational needs of health care professionals and students with high quality products designed to help them practice more effectively.

Our Products
Our products are designed to serve the informational needs of physicians, trainees, medical students, dentists, dental auxiliaries, and allied health professionals. We deliver our products in print and electronic formats, including journals, books and CD-ROMs. Each of our products reflects the ongoing commitment we have made to provide excellence in content and design.

Journals and Newsletters
We currently publish 10 specialty journals in medicine, dermatology and oncology. Our journals provide high-quality original research as well as practical articles on clinical topics. Many of our journals are the official publication of American, Canadian and International societies.

Decker Publishing continues to publish the ACP Medicine and ACS Surgery book products in multiple print and digital editions.

Electronic Media

We pioneered the concept of Patient Management Problems on CD-ROM and floppy disks. These programs provide challenging cases for physicians to improve their skills and earn CME credits. Each disk provides a case presentation with histories and lab reports, followed by options the physician selects to determine the diagnosis and best course of therapy.