About Us


John Scott & Company began representing medical publishers for translation rights in 1985.  The company was founded by John Scott who headed the international department at W.B. Saunders for many years.  He has been joined by his son, Jake Scott, Karen Fraley, Marcia Liss, Sabrina Gausch and Marty Bloem to form a team focused solely on international rights for health science information.

John worked with the founders of many of the great international medical publishers.  As a group, the JSCO team continues to maintain strong relationships with these major international houses as well as with newer publishers across the globe.

Our clients are English language medical publishers from the USA, Canada, Australia, India and the UK.  We work with publishing houses around the world to license rights for high-quality publications to translate or reprint for their individual markets.

Our goal is to bring these two groups together so that global publishers can tap in the vast content of the health science lists we represent.  Our clients can thereby increase the range and penetration of their publications.  Our role is to manage all aspects of these relationships bringing continuity, trust and experience to the process.

About the Farm

John Scott & Company is located on a working farm outside of Philadelphia.  Sheep, horses, chickens, four dogs and a barn cat.

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