Introducing The Unofficial Guide to Medicine


Zeshan Qureshi is a Paediatrician based at Great Ormond Street and the Institute of Child Health in the UK. As well as editing textbooks, and starting "The Unofficial Guide to Medicine", he is a well known doctor in the UK and beyond, featuring prominently in the media (for example, the BBC, ITV, Sky News, Al Jazeera), working in politics nationally and internationally, and publishing medical research in leading journals like the Lancet and the BMJ.

He graduated with Distinction from the University of Southampton. Whilst working in Edinburgh, he was part of the leadership team developing a teaching programme, whereby junior doctors, throughout South-East Scotland, were both trained to teach, and delivered teaching across every hospital in the area.

These books are an award winning extension of this philosophy: that junior doctors and fresh graduates (with the support of seniors) know how to express complex ideas in order for it to be easily understood from a student's perspective. That junior doctors can teach, and write in a complimentary way to senior doctors: one that is friendly and fun, easy to read and relevant to both exams, and the day to day to life of healthcare professionals.

Awards have been won from prestigious institutions such a the British Medical Association, and the British Institute of Radiology. The success of the overall publishing model led to Zeshan winning the "New Leader" Award from the Association for the Study of Medical Education in 2016. Having just completed a lecture tour of Australia, he continues to teach and engage with students worldwide.

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